About Me

Dharamsala India, 2008 Photo: Tom Sepe


Dr. Andrea Vecchione received a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies, in Asian and Comparative Studies. After her first trip to India, and falling in love with Kali, a goddess of Hindu spirituality, Andrea has focused her work on engaging feminist perspectives in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, with the goal of moving this discourse forward. What has been paramount to her scholarship is finding the feminine voice, and the voice of nature in these spiritual traditions. For the past thirteen years, she has traveled extensively throughout India on various pilgrimages, and researching these topics. In addition she has made presentations at meetings of the American Academy of Religion and the CIIS Founders Symposium on Integral Consciousness. She most recently served as faculty with Seattle University, Buddhism Study Abroad program in Bodhgaya, (Antioch University) and several semesters in India with University of Massachusetts, in Auroville, India.